ABC News sunscreen warning

ABC News presented an alarming feature yesterday, March 1st 2017, concerning sunscreen products sold in Australia. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), is under scrutiny for allowing sunscreen products to be sold to Australian’s that don’t provide the SPF value that is indicated on the product label and approved by the TGA. The report investigated TGA’s responsibility to approve sunscreen brands. The TGA responded that they … Continue reading ABC News sunscreen warning

Mandatory standards for cosmetics in Australia

Who regulates the safety of cosmetics? In Australia, there are specific government agencies that are responsible for monitoring and regulating the safety of different types of products, it is a shared responsibility between government agencies. These agencies, ACCC, TGA and NICNAS, carry out assessments and monitor activities of goods sold in Australia, to ensure that goods are of an acceptable standard. It is important for … Continue reading Mandatory standards for cosmetics in Australia