Do you apply 168 chemicals to your body every day?

oductWomen are at risk of toxic burden. Compared to men, women apply more than twice the amount of products to their skin every day. But, do you really know what you are putting onto your skin, absorbed directly into your body? Are all those chemicals healthy? According to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, their 2013 report stated that there is “robust” evidence linking … Continue reading Do you apply 168 chemicals to your body every day?

Is mineral oil healthy or is it just cheap?

The cheapest way to produce a product is using paraffin oil as the base ingredient. Also known as ‘mineral oil’, paraffin oil is made from petroleum and is known to be contaminated with carcinogens, cancer-causing chemicals. Paraffin oil is used in many products commonly available in Australia. It is found in sorboline, baby products including bath and body oils, body wash, sunscreen and medicinal creams … Continue reading Is mineral oil healthy or is it just cheap?

Real Food Is The Answer

Natural food for your skin is healthier than synthetic substitutes. There is no doubt or controversy associated with this fact!!! Safe Cosmetics Australia supports the use of natural ingredients to formulate cosmetics, and science supports this philosophy. Dr Mercola says “REAL FOOD IS THE ANSWER”, in his article on the war against salt he explores the importance of natural healthy foods that contain essential nutrient … Continue reading Real Food Is The Answer

Lovekins = Love of family

Natural, Australian and scientifically proven ingredients that care for baby’s skin. Lovekins advocates for purity, for love and developing the natural bond between parents and their children. The brand believes in a purer simpler approach to caring for baby’s skin and their core values reflect this. Formulated free from sulphates, parabens, mineral oil, artificial fragrance and colours, Lovekins products are designed especially for sensitive skin … Continue reading Lovekins = Love of family

Solvents affect skin molecules

Our skin is exposed to solvents everyday, solvents are substances that dissolve other substances to form a solution. Found in cosmetics, laundry, sanitary agents and drug formulations, solvents are an essential part of formulating and producing products. However, the uptake of solvents into the skin is a major concern as solvents have been proven to change essential properties of the skin such as flexibility and … Continue reading Solvents affect skin molecules

Look great without makeup

According to celebrity makeup artists, the “no makeup look” requires a little bit of effort! Staying focused on hydrating the skin throughout the day, grooming those unruly brows and styling your hair is the key. Leslie Munsell says “For a complexion that glows no matter how much or how little foundation you slap on, bump up your skincare routine. A good vitamin C serum will … Continue reading Look great without makeup

2017 – Campaign Update

Safe Cosmetics Australia [SCA] aims to raise chemical awareness and advocate for a pre-market regulatory scheme. SCA campaigns for a healthier future by promoting accredited brands that exclude and minimise, the use of toxic chemicals commonly found in Australian products. The increase of consumer awareness has resulted in raising consumer demand for healthier products and more companies are now formulating their products without parabens, carcinogens … Continue reading 2017 – Campaign Update