Real Food Is The Answer

Natural food for your skin is healthier than synthetic substitutes. There is no doubt or controversy associated with this fact!!!

Safe Cosmetics Australia supports the use of natural ingredients to formulate cosmetics, and science supports this philosophy. Dr Mercola says “REAL FOOD IS THE ANSWER”, in his article on the war against salt he explores the importance of natural healthy foods that contain essential nutrient combinations that cannot be achieved with man-made synthetic chemicals.

“Getting nutrients from your food instead of supplements is preferable as your food contains more than a single nutrient and in different forms”

This simple and wholesome philosophy is a whole-body approach to wellness. Nutritionists, naturopaths and many other health practitioners support the use of natural ingredients to maintain optimal health. Safe Cosmetics Australia campaigns for a healthier future, one without the use of toxic chemicals in everyday household products.

Reducing your exposure to toxic chemicals also reduces environmental impacts by reducing the manufacturing of synthetic and potentially hazardous chemicals that subsequently enter our natural resources.

Choosing natural and organic products that are independently certified is the first step in reducing adverse health effects from toxic chemicals. If you can reduce your toxic load this further assists in reducing environmental damage.

Take our poll & find out if you are a toxic-free warrior?! “How many products in your bathroom are toxic-free?”

See the Toxic-Free List for certified brands, natural & organic products.


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