ABC News sunscreen warning

ABC News presented an alarming feature yesterday, March 1st 2017, concerning sunscreen products sold in Australia. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), is under scrutiny for allowing sunscreen products to be sold to Australian’s that don’t provide the SPF value that is indicated on the product label and approved by the TGA.

The report investigated TGA’s responsibility to approve sunscreen brands. The TGA responded that they are investigating this issue and that the problem concerns brands that use overseas testing facilities to confirm the therapeutic value of their sunscreen range that is then approved for sale in Australia by the TGA.

A spokeswoman for the TGA said “it does test sunscreens in its laboratories. It should be emphasised that TGA also collects random samples of sunscreens from the market (pharmacies etc) than ‘typical’ fresh samples as the samples from the market reflect what is being applied to people and also enables to look at stability if we need to”.

The TGA believes that the issue arises from companies that use overseas testing facilities that are not audited. In addition, the TGA states that “Australian’s do not apply enough sunscreen” and sun-loving Aussie’s should be reminded to apply a generous layer of sunscreen when outdoors.

Alarmingly the news report did not mention the safety hazards concerning the chemicals used in common sunscreen products. It would benefit all Australian’s to choose natural toxic-free sunscreens such as Under Our Sun, Eco Tan and Lovekins. If it is a tan you desire, then SCA recommends self-tanning products by Three Warriors, Uni Organics and Eco Tan – these fantastic Australian brands use certified organic and natural ingredients to formulate their toxic-free products. They do not use nasty petrochemicals that irritate the skin and have the potential to cause harm to the human body.

The safest and healthiest alternative is to cover up and stay out of the sun during peak UV times. But, for those that are exposed to the sun using a certified toxic-free brand and applying the product generously is the best way to safeguard your skin.

ABC News Reports: “Michael Moore, chief executive of the Public Health Association of Australia, said the reports were extremely concerning. He said it was time for the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) — Australia’s sunscreen regulator — to examine its processes to make sure sunscreens were being adequately tested before going on the market. “We can see there are problems, it does point to an inadequate system with the TGA and I think it requires the TGA themselves to look at what they’re doing,” he told the ABC.

Consumer Affairs reported that “More stories are emerging of people being left “red raw” despite using popular sunscreen products, prompting calls from a leading public health advocate for a review of the way Australia regulates sunscreens.”



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