Safe. Sunless. Golden Tan.

Safe Cosmetics Australia highly recommends Three Warriors, sunless self-tanning range. The ingredients they choose are Not known to cause harm to your body. Their range is certified toxic-free and organic, furthermore, their products are cruelty-free and Australian made. Formulated in a base of Certified Organic Aloe Vera, Three Warriors self-tanning range does not use carcinogenic chemicals to formulate their products making their range the safest solution to enhance your natural skin tone with a safe, sunless, golden tan.

Other mainstream brands Do contain carcinogenic chemicals, that are known to cause harm to your skin and body. A carcinogen is any substance directly known to cause cancer. Cured and processed meats are known carcinogens and any health-conscious consumer avoids consuming these carcinogens on a daily or even weekly basis. So it is time to think twice about applying a bottle of carcinogenic self-tanning lotion all over your face and body that is further absorbed into your body systems.

Are sunless tanning products safer than sun baking? Self-tanning products are definitely safer than sun baking there is no doubt about that! Sunbaking leaves our skin at risk of developing skin cancer and this is too often a fatal mistake for many Australians. No tan is worth risking your health, so if you are going to buy a tanning product then make sure that you read the ingredient label carefully or look for certified products that have been independently reviewed and certified.

Are all self-tanning products safe to use on our skin? Common self-tanning products contain harmful chemicals including carcinogenic ingredients such as mineral oil, artificial fragrances and colours made from petrochemicals. Choosing a certified organic or toxic-free product is by far healthier than slathering petrochemicals all over your face and body. Health authorities warn that inhaling spray tan chemicals is not healthy and that many self-tanning products contain toxic chemicals. So if you use spray booths make sure that you do not inhale any product.

How do self-tanning products work? The main chemical used in tanning lotions is dihydroxyacetone, abbreviated to DHA. Derived from natural plant sources, DHA is the active ingredient used in self-tanning products that when applied to the skin, DHA reacts with amino acids in dead skin cells to produce the “tan” colour. There is growing opinion amongst the science community over the health and safety of DHA, however to-date there is no such evidence directly linking DHA to cancer. Health advocates warn that inhalation via spray tan booths is a potential concern and that consumers should avoid such treatments or take precautions to prevent inhalation.

“Organisations such as the American Academy of Dermatology and the Canadian Dermatology Association state that sunless tanning products are the safer method of acquiring a tan than intentional sunbathing or the use of tanning beds,’ says Dr Lowe. Furthermore, “There is no direct evidence DHA increases the risk of cancer but there is evidence that sunbathing does.”

Are all self-tanning products made equally? No, many contain toxic chemicals that have not been tested for health and safety prior to sale on the Australian market. The bottom line is that a quality self-tanning product begins with quality ingredients. Health authorities agree that self-tanning products are a safer and healthier alternative to sun baking, but they too often neglect to warn consumers about the dangers of applying products to your skin that are made with cheap and nasty toxic chemicals.

What chemicals should we avoid in self-tanning products?  Three Warriors is an Australian brand, their products Do Not Contain harmful chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES), Artificial Colours, Harsh Chemicals, Palm Oil, Petrochemicals, Synthetics or Parabens. Instead, they choose natural vegetable derived chemicals such as certified organic aloe vera, fruit extracts, honey, coconut and jojoba oils to create their range of sunless self-tanning products.

Three Warriors


“We Believe In Only The Better Stuff… With Tasmanian honey, olive oil sourced from the southernmost groves and pure freshwater from the deep mountain springs you will be enveloped in delicious scents and smells with a glow to match!”

  • Tasmanian Organic Olive Oil: A natural sunscreen that heals, moisturises & reduces scarring.
  • Walnut Shell: Packed with Vitamin B that slows ageing & Vitamin E to reduce cell damage.
  • Manuka Honey: Contains amino acids & collagen to slough skin & promote the growth of new cells.
  • Leatherwood honey: Unique to Tasmania, it enhances the skin’s health & elasticity.

Three Warriors Self-Tanning Mousse helps to create a glorious golden tan within hours! The fluffy, lightweight formula glides on seamlessly to provide you with a streak-free finish. Three Warriors tanning mousse is hydrating and restoring and allows you to choose the depth of colour that you desire. The mouse provides 1-3 hrs of long-lasting colour, great for the summer dressing.


Product range includes; Full Body Life Scrub, Self-Tan Mousse, Gradual Tan, Spray tan Solution, Eco-Friendly Tanning Mit.

Three Warriors is a Foundation for Young Australians Young Changemaker Crowdmatch Competition 2016 Finalist & Winner of “Most Funds Raised” Category.


CEO/Founder Corbin Halliday

Corbin comes from a successful career in the beauty industry. About 2 years ago, Corbin fell physically unwell resulting in him having to give up the profession that he loved. During this time, Corbin realised he wanted to help people who are suffering from illnesses or lacking vital resources. He researched & changed the way he lived & witnessed the positive effects of  organic products. From this, the idea of Three Warriors was born.

“The world is full of toxic chemicals that we are exposed to daily. We want to change the way we live to be Different For A Better World. We eliminate the harsh chemicals in daily products to introduce an Organic Certified, Toxic-Free, Cruelty-Free and healing formula. It will make you look & feel different, especially knowing exactly what you are putting on your skin.” – Three Warriors.
Check out the Three Warriors website to learn more about this ethical beauty brand and to order your safe, sunless, golden tan!


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