Natural Beauty

This all-natural beauty brand produces a full range of natural cosmetics, without the hidden nasties. Adorn Cosmetics says that you shouldn’t have to think twice about switching to natural skin care once you understand that not all brands formulate their products with care and respect – for your skin and health. The ingredients that Adorn Cosmetics selects to formulate their product range, excludes nasty synthetic … Continue reading Natural Beauty

WIN this incredible prize!

Would you like to win this exciting competition Adorn Cosmetics is running?! Enter the competition now and be in the draw to WIN Australian certified Toxic-Free cosmetics for you and a friend for an entire year!!! “For the next month we are giving the opportunity for someone to WIN 1 years supply of Adorn Cosmetics for them and their friend!” You can view the competition … Continue reading WIN this incredible prize!

Industrial chemicals in cosmetics

It has been scientifically proven by Australian government agencies, that many of these chemicals are hazardous to our health… It is not just media hype. The facts are published online and accessible to consumers. These chemicals affect the human body and your health having immediate short-term reactions and long-term consequences. Sounds alarming right? Industrial chemicals in cosmetics, is this true? YES, unfortunately it is a … Continue reading Industrial chemicals in cosmetics

Chemicals & Your Health

We all want to get the facts right when it comes to chemicals and health. Navigating the chemical maize requires science to substantiate the links between toxic-chemicals and adverse health effects. But, is the scientific proof available and how do these toxic-chemicals damage your health? Is everyone at risk? Why are toxic-chemicals allowed in cosmetics? Are natural and organic products healthier than synthetic varieties? These … Continue reading Chemicals & Your Health

Mandatory standards for cosmetics in Australia

Who regulates the safety of cosmetics? In Australia, there are specific government agencies that are responsible for monitoring and regulating the safety of different types of products, it is a shared responsibility between government agencies. These agencies, ACCC, TGA and NICNAS, carry out assessments and monitor activities of goods sold in Australia, to ensure that goods are of an acceptable standard. It is important for … Continue reading Mandatory standards for cosmetics in Australia

Toxic chemicals in cosmetics

What are toxic chemicals? The dictionary definition is; affected with or caused by a toxin or poisonous substance; a toxic condition acting as or having the effect of a poison; poisonous: a toxic drug; causing unpleasant feelings; harmful. What are toxins? A toxin is any poison derived from an organism; a poisonous substance that is produced within living cells or organisms; synthetic toxicants created by … Continue reading Toxic chemicals in cosmetics

Eco Tan

Australia’s first Certified Organic Tanning & Body Care Range Eco Tan is a company founded on authenticity and transparency. Producing products that are 100% Natural & Organic, Cruelty-Free, Vegan & Toxic-Free! This stunning product range is Certified Organic by the OFC under Australian Government Organic and Bio-Dynamic standards and requirements. The product range includes Invisible Tan, Face Tan Water, Cacao Firming Moose, Winter Skin, Body … Continue reading Eco Tan